It’s no secret that minimalist style decor is very ‘in’ right now. Flick through any home magazine and you’re guaranteed to find a page or two dedicated to achieving ‘the minimalist look’, and while this look is popular in its own right, we want to show you how the traditional look can be just as appealing, and how you can do it with the help of architrave, skirting boards and mouldings.
No matter what design, colour or material, the skirting you choose will have an impact on the room’s look and feel, the skirting, architrave, door and window frames make up the foundation of the rooms overall aesthetic.
Skirting Isn't just for the base of your walls, check out these 5 ways skirting boards can be used to create some fun home DIY projects!
Painting your Skirting Boards? Ensure a professional looking long lasting finish with our top tips. Avoid common DIY mistakes and create results you’ll be more than pleased with our easy three step guide.
When it comes to installing skirting boards, you don’t need an array of professional tools to achieve a professional finish. Whether you’re new to the world of DIY or a regular handyman it’s all about how you prefer to work, and what tools you prefer to work with. Some swear by a manual saw when installing skirting boards, while others prefer an electric mitre saw.
Do you need cable or pipe rebate fitting in your skirting board? If unsightly pipes or wires around your skirting then the answer is probobly going to be yes. Here we'll explain how a cable rebate fitted in your skirting can provide a base for a cleaner, tidier and more polished room. 
Skirting boards don’t need to be boring, we’re going to show you 5 great ways to add some extra detail to your home using your skirting boards.
Read on if youd like to know how skirting boards can help to enhance your budget friendly makeover.
Skirting Board Profiles – Which is right for me?
When it comes to decorating your space skirting boards may be the last thing on your mind, there’s probably more thought going into choosing your colour scheme, furnishings and fabrics, but what if we told you that skirting doesn’t mean boring...
Whether you’re redecorating the home you’ve been in for years, or you’ve just moved in to your new place, and you’re ready to customise it with your personal taste, it’s easy to forget the small finishing touches like skirting boards and mouldings, but these small fittings can make all the difference. The right skirting boards can provide the perfect finishing touch to make a room look put together and polished. Similarly the wrong skirting can become an eyesore in even the most beautifully decorated spaces. Find out how to choose the right skirting for your home, with our easy three step guide.
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